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Christopher Forgues - SAND CLOCK CORES

January 10, 2020 - February 13, 2020

Opening Reception: Friday, January 10th, 2020 | 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM w/ a special performance by TETHER 

Remote Viewing is pleased to announce SAND CLOCK CORES, a solo show by the artist Christopher Forgues (CF). Widely known for his work in comics - named one of two "most important cartoonists of [his] generation" (Art In America) - Christopher has maintained an equally potent musical practice. SAND CLOCK CORES features recent custom-built electronic instruments, multi-channel audio, sculptural work with paper, and a new print edition.

"...we are able to identify another culprit in the spiritual crisis of today - the computer. Powered by a silicon chip, the computer is considered to be an entity of crystal. Crystals have become popular deities of late, worn as necklaces in the eighties and used as blades for sacrificial daggers of today. Man cannot handle the crystal it speaks to him deeply and he always does what it tells him to do."

·  Bernadette Corporation, "1000 wasted years - Hell On Earth - And The Motha Fuckin Saga Continues"

 Inside of every circuit electrons are manipulated to predictable results. We can make tools to channel this force which is often simply called “power”. However the very base “why” fundamentals of electricity remain mysterious and opaque. 

As we look deeper and deeper into the vanishing point of quantum mechanics the questions multiply more than answers. We find scale is truly a verb, that matter and energy can be very deceptive. Waves and particles behave innocently, meeting our expectations reliably in the observable world, while underneath, folded impossibly small, they secretly respond to our observation. The faceless matryoshka doll marches on and on, sneaking around in a microworld of unlikely machinations. Our social lives, our light, our music, pour from this strange energy. Our brains use about 6 volts, equivalent to 4 AA batteries.

In something as ancient and prosaic as paper; the basis for money, communication, memory extension - we find the same deficit of real understanding. The physics of what happens in a paper fold is poorly understood. How one side seems to compress and the other seems to expand while maintaining the same width remains a mystery.  

Plain sand is alchemized into silicon. Spun like hay into gold, because we don’t yet know the name of our Rumplestiltskin who visits in the night. We are helplessly hoping to use the master’s tools to disassemble the master’s house.

The core of a lock spins like a clock when the secret code of pin lengths is accurately met by the cuts in the key. The electric hourglasses hidden in plain view all around and within us carry an enigmatic charge beneath their irreproachable surface. Resonances that we may never be able to meet rationally persist regardless, inducing inexplicable emotions and dreams, radiating like magnetic coils. The chain of electrons runs in cycles, throwing unexpected results in all directions of time. 

- CF 


Install photos by Constance Mensh